About us

About BfD Ghana

We work to reduce poverty and reverse biodiversity loss by supporting sustainable and inclusive development of the Ghanaian beekeeping sector. We train beekeepers and help them to market their products reliably and profitably. We strengthen farmers’ livelihoods, through improved pollination and additional revenue streams. We enable children in basic schools to learn about honey bees and how they too can benefit from keeping them.

Our mission

To realise the potential for beekeeping to lift people out of poverty, to support resilient farms and to protect forests

Our vision

Resilient rural communities where beekeeping contributes to people’s well-being and livelihoods


Our story

Starting in 2015, we have pioneered the integration of beekeeping on cashew and citrus farms, school buzz clubs and digital honey traceability systems 

What we Do

Our Services

Our core work focuses on training people living in poverty to earn vital income by keeping bees and selling honey and beeswax. We offer guidance to NGOs, governmental agencies and businesses seeking to establish successful beekeeping and beekeeper training projects. We lead and support research on honey bees and beekeeping systems.

Beekeeping training

We promote a nature based beekeeping approach as we encourage learner beekeepers to benefit from the wonders of honey bees whilst protecting bee habitat.


Our team of beekeeping experts are able to provide technical beekeeping advice and information on the beekeeping sector as a whole within Ghana and West Africa.

Policy & advocacy

We cooperate with national and local authorities to promote habitat protection and restoration, and campaign for inclusive, pro-poor beekeeping development.

Bees for Development Ghana is a close partner of Bees for Development, a UK registered charity based in South Wales.