About us

Apiculture Centre of Excellence

Bees for Development Ghana is recognised as an Apiculture Centre of Excellence by Bees for Development, the leading international organisation that leverages the benefits of bees and beekeeping to help address challenges including global poverty, biodiversity loss and climate change.


What is a Bees for Development Apiculture Centre of Excellence?

The Bees for Development Apiculture Centre of Excellence [BfD ACE] status recognises that Bees for Development Ghana serves their local and national beekeeping community through the delivery of a range of services to an exceptionally high standard. These services include training, practical projects, information, advice and market access. BfD ACE status acknowledges that Bees for Development Ghana has the capacity to deliver high quality beekeeping training at all levels – always fitting within the prevailing social, economic and environmental conditions.

Bees for Development Ghana is a well governed organisation achieving the highest level of accountability to donors and beneficiaries and adheres to the following set of principles:

BfD ACE Principles

1. Uses local bees and local beekeeping methods
2. Supports beekeepers to nurture and enrich bee habitat and bee populations
3. Advocates beekeeping systems which are accessible to people living in poverty
4. Prioritises beekeeping skills and knowledge
5. Learns from experience and evidence to improve practice
6. Employs participatory approaches to development, investing in people
7. Includes and reaches marginalised groups