Beekeeping knowledge sharing: A buzzing success story of John and Ametus

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Beekeeping, an age-old practice, has gained significant attention in recent years in Ghana due to its positive impact on the environment and the potential for economic benefits. Beekeeping is not just a pastime or a source of honey; it is a pathway to sustainable development and economic empowerment. This blog explores the inspiring story of two gentlemen, John Idrisu and Dayeie Ametus, who embarked on a journey to learn about beekeeping and hive-making.

In a small corner of Ghana, John Idrisu and Dayeie Ametus attended a beekeeping and hive-making workshop organised by Bees for Development Ghana in Kwahu Afram Plains five years ago. Ametus has 28 hives and colonies and John has 29 hives and colonies. They both have 5 children each. John said beekeeping has really helped him and his family.

Little did they know that this experience would ignite a passion in them to transform their communities through beekeeping and knowledge sharing. They not only honed their skills but also shared their knowledge with their colleagues, resulting in a remarkable community initiative that has thrived for five years.

Five years ago [2019], these two gentlemen embarked on a journey that would change their lives forever. The beekeeping workshop organised by Bees for Development Ghana in Bondaso provided them with essential knowledge and skills in beekeeping techniques and hive-making. Equipped with newfound expertise, they returned to their communities with a mission.

The gentlemen, driven by their unwavering passion, wasted no time in sharing the knowledge they had acquired. They organised similar training sessions in their respective communities [Birego and Jonas Akra in Kwahu Afram Plains], inviting fellow villagers to participate. Their mission was to empower their colleagues with the necessary skills and understanding of beekeeping and make their own hives using the locally available materials.

Their efforts resulted in a network of twenty individuals who, under the guidance of these two gentlemen, ventured into the world of beekeeping. The community members embraced the art of beekeeping wholeheartedly, recognising its potential for sustainable development in Kwahu Afram Plains. Soon, these twenty individuals became adept beekeepers, reaping the rewards of their dedication and hard work.

Beekeeping knowledge sharing: A buzzing success story of John and Ametus

John Idrisu and his colleagues making a bamboo hive at a workshop

Beekeeping has brought about a significant change in the lives of these individuals and their families. The production of honey has become a viable source of income, providing somehow financial stability and economic empowerment.

The honey was sold mainly to the BfDG Honey and Beeswax Trade Centre and individuals, generating revenue to support their families and invest in other income-generating activities. It is worth mentioning that the completion of the honey processing centre serving as a vehicle for beekeepers to sell the honeycombs was supported by the UK government through the Darwin Initiative/Biodiversity Challenge Funds.

Aside from economic gains, beekeeping has also brought about positive environmental impacts in Kwahu Afram Plains. The increased presence of bees in the communities has contributed to the pollination of plants, enhancing agricultural productivity. Moreover, the communities have become more conscious of the importance of preserving natural habitats and the critical role bees play in the ecosystem. Many of them have stopped cutting trees to make charcoal.

Beyond economic and environmental benefits, the establishment of beekeeping networks has fostered social cohesion among community members. The exchange of ideas and experiences among beekeepers has created a sense of unity and mutual support. Additionally, individuals have developed a range of skills, such as hive maintenance, and honey extraction, ensuring a sustainable and thriving beekeeping industry.

John Idrisu and Dayeie Ametus are extremely grateful to Bees for Development and all donors who contributed to support their training and mentoring over the years. Through their dedication and perseverance with support from Bees for Development Ghana staff, these two gentlemen have transformed their communities by harnessing the power of beekeeping.

The ripple effect of their actions has resulted in economic empowerment, environmental conservation, and social cohesion. This inspiring story showcases the potential beekeeping holds in creating sustainable livelihoods while fostering a deeper connection to nature. As we celebrate their achievements, let us be inspired to explore our own capabilities in creating positive change within our communities.

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