Buzz Club Ghana schools become mini candle-making factories

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In an exciting and educational visit, Mr Peter Lead, a patron from England, United Kingdom, embarked on a working visit to the Buzz Club Ghana schools in Ghana. This visit was not only an opportunity to strengthen the bond between Buzz Club Ghana and its patron and that of Buzz Club Stroud, but it was also a chance for the clubbers to showcase their knowledge and skills in beekeeping through various artistic expressions. Join us as we dive into the highlights of Mr Peter Lead’s visit and the delightful moments shared by all.

With anticipation in the air, the Buzz Club Ghana schools prepared to welcome Mr. Peter Lead, our esteemed patron from the UK. Mr. Lead had the pleasure of witnessing clubbers from various Buzz Club Ghana schools in Greater Accra, Eastern, Bono and Bono East regions demonstrate their profound understanding of bees, beekeeping, and the conservation of the environment.

Buzz Club Ghana school become mini candle-making factories

The young club members showcased their talent through engaging poetry, captivating music, cultural drumming and dancing and entertaining drama performances. Their passion for bees and the environment truly came alive, leaving a lasting impression on their esteemed patron, his granddaughter, and the director of BfD Ghana. Their heartfelt performances not only impressed their distinguished guests but also showcased the bright talents of the children involved in the Buzz Club initiative. Mr. Lead used the opportunity to thank the teachers for the wonderful work they are doing with the club.

As Mr Peter Lead delved deeper into the world of bees and beekeeping, he discovered the wonderful possibilities of beeswax. Intrigued by this versatile material, he contemplated the art of making candles from beeswax. Accompanied by the director of Bees for Development Ghana, Dr Kwame Aidoo, Mr. Peter Lead came armed with a unique skill to teach our eager Buzz Clubbers – the art of making candles from beeswax. How buzz-tastic is that?

Buzz Club Ghana school become mini candle-making factories

Now, you might be wondering why candles? Well, not only are they incredibly beautiful and calming, but they are also a fantastic way to utilise beeswax, one of our favourite natural resources. And who better to guide our young buzzing minds than Mr. Peter Lead himself, a candle-making connoisseur. The school children were beyond thrilled to dive into this new adventure, ready to get their hands sticky with wax and roll out some wicked candles.

Drawing on his years of experience making candles with kids, Mr. Peter Lead took the time to explain the process step-by-step, ensuring that everyone understood the artistry behind creating their very own candles. From melting the beeswax, to carefully pouring the liquid goodness into moulds, or dipping a length of wick in and out of melted beeswax, every detail was covered. Under the guidance of their dedicated mentors, the children demonstrated the various steps involved in this traditional craft, taking turns to dip a length of wick in and out of melted beeswax as they waited patiently to get their candles to appreciable sizes.

Buzz Club Ghana school become mini candle-making factories

The school compounds turned into buzzing beehives of activity as the school children put their newfound knowledge to the test. They experimented and poured their hearts into creating candle masterpieces. Let’s just say Van Gogh would have been proud! By the end of each day and session, our schools were transformed into mini candle-making factories. Hands were filled with colourful creations, each candle reflecting the personality and artistic flair of its maker.

From dazzling designs to heavenly honey-scented candles, the Buzz Club Ghana schools were now filled with a warm, flickering glow. Witnessing this creative process, Mr. Lead marvelled at the clubbers’ dedication and their ability to turn a natural resource into a beautiful and practical product. Together with Dr Kwame Aidoo, they brainstormed innovative ways to incorporate beeswax candles into their educational programmes, providing an opportunity for the clubbers to explore a new skill set.

Buzz Club Ghana school become mini candle-making factories

Mr. Peter Lead was not alone on this remarkable journey. His granddaughter, Daisy, a budding environmental enthusiast, and a member of Buzz Club Stroud, accompanied him, adding a youthful spirit to the visit. Additionally, the Director of Bees for Development (BfD) Ghana, Dr Kwame Aidoo, ensured the smooth execution of the visit, making it a memorable experience for all involved.

With a passionate team, the visit became an ideal platform for shared knowledge and collaboration. Dr Aidoo, also played the role of the happy cheerleader, encouraging the students to embrace their creativity and let their imaginations fly. Together, they created an atmosphere filled with laughter, joy, and a whole lot of waxy goodness.

Buzz Club Ghana school become mini candle-making factories

Apart from the educational aspect, the visit served as a means to strengthen the relationship between Buzz Club Ghana, its patron and Stroud Buzz Club in the UK. The interactions shared during this working visit strengthened the bond between Mr. Peter Lead and the incredible Ghanaian club members. Their shared love for bees and their dedication to environmental preservation created a warm and nurturing atmosphere, leaving a lasting impact on everyone involved.

Buzz Club Ghana school become mini candle-making factories

As Buzz Club Ghana continues to inspire and educate young minds, the impact of this visit will undoubtedly ripple through their future endeavours. The memories created during this visit will serve as a driving force behind their commitment to preserving the environment and cherishing the invaluable role of bees in our ecosystem. This visit formed a stronger bond between Buzz Club and its patron, fostering a shared commitment to environmental stewardship.

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