What we do

Our services

We specialise in unlocking the potential for beekeeping to reduce poverty sustainably, while preserving and restoring forests and agro-biodiversity.

Beekeeper training

Making beekeeping accessible for the poorest and most marginalised groups, mentoring people to develop skills that will change their lives.


Supporting practical, scientific research led by farmers and beekeepers to meet their own needs.


Keeping bees on farms can improve yields and income. We assist farmers in harnessing the benefits of bees.

Market access

Helping beekeepers organise to achieve quality control and traceability, we kickstart supply chains that deliver the best honey and beeswax at scale.

Project support

We offer training and consultancies for development agencies eager to make a difference for their beneficiaries by supporting them to keep bees.

Buzz Clubs

Everyone must learn the A-BEE-C! We train and equip teachers in basic schools to set up apiaries where children learn practical beekeeping.

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